An exclusive tour of the underground accelerator at CERN led by the scientists who work there.

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In Seed‘s first exclusive short film, science communicator Alom Shaha travels underground and behind the scenes to probe the cavernous Large Hadron Collider at CERN. His tour offers a glimpse into the exciting preparations afoot as the accelerator is pieced together. The film also asks whether this project is worth all the time, money and effort. Featuring interviews with physicists Brian Cox (University of Manchester), Jon Butterworth (University College London) and Albert de Roeck (Antwerp University), Lords of the Ring explains why so many scientists are pinning their hopes on this experiment’s potential to answer some of the biggest questions in science.

Alom Shaha was awarded a National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts fellowship in 2005 to develop his skills as a filmmaker communicating the cultural, social and political impact of science. Shaha has worked as a creative consultant on projects ranging from community arts events to children’s TV programs; he has also been a physics teacher, television producer, science writer and goat herder.

Originally published July 11, 2006


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