Articles from 10/2010

  • Do Smoking Bans Work?

    Municipal bans on smoking in restaurants and bars are highly controversial, but history shows they can also be highly effective. But are all smoking bans equally successful?

  • The New North

    Human demand on natural resources, globalization, and climate change will dramatically transform the planet in coming decades—mostly for the worse. But global change will have its upsides too. A remarkable new book forecasts an emergent economic powerhouse on the polar frontier.

  • What Really Causes Autism?

    Scientists are finally beginning to make headway understanding the real causes of autism. Yet millions remain unconvinced by the evidence. Why?

  • Seed Salon: Paola Antonelli + Benoit Mandelbrot

    In 2008, the late mathematician and founder of fractal geometry, Benoit Mandelbrot, met MoMA's senior design curator, Paola Antonelli for a conversation about geometry, architecture, and nature. Here are excerpts from their discussion.

  • 600 Million Years of Jet Lag

    Although the common ancestor of sea anemones and humans would look nothing like us, it still shares one of our basic traits: the capacity to experience jet lag.

  • Fitness for Survival

    Regular exercise can help us live longer. But what exercises are the most effective, and how much do we need? New research suggests that more is better, and variety is best.

  • G is for Goldilocks

    Gliese 581g is the most promising habitable world astronomers have found so far. But the chances of finding life there are vanishingly slim.


  • Ideas

    I Tried Almost Everything Else

    John Rinn, snowboarder, skateboarder, and “genomic origamist,” on why we should dumpster-dive in our genomes and the inspiration of a middle-distance runner.

  • Ideas

    Going, Going, Gone

    The second most common element in the universe is increasingly rare on Earth—except, for now, in America.

  • Ideas

    Earth-like Planets Aren’t Rare

    Renowned planetary scientist James Kasting on the odds of finding another Earth-like planet and the power of science fiction.

The Seed Salon

Video: conversations with leading scientists and thinkers on fundamental issues and ideas at the edge of science and culture.

Are We Beyond the Two Cultures?

Video: Seed revisits the questions C.P. Snow raised about science and the humanities 50 years by asking six great thinkers, Where are we now?

Saved by Science

Audio slideshow: Justine Cooper's large-format photographs of the collections behind the walls of the American Museum of Natural History.

The Universe in 2009

In 2009, we are celebrating curiosity and creativity with a dynamic look at the very best ideas that give us reason for optimism.

Revolutionary Minds
The Interpreters

In this installment of Revolutionary Minds, five people who use the new tools of science to educate, illuminate, and engage.

The Seed Design Series

Leading scientists, designers, and architects on ideas like the personal genome, brain visualization, generative architecture, and collective design.

The Seed State of Science

Seed examines the radical changes within science itself by assessing the evolving role of scientists and the shifting dimensions of scientific practice.

A Place for Science

On the trail of the haunts, homes, and posts of knowledge, from the laboratory to the field.


Witness the science. Stunning photographic portfolios from the pages of Seed magazine.

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